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PR Campaign


Online Campaign’s PR Campaign is a package that boosts your company profile with optimal and strategic use of Press Releases sent to high ranking sites and outlets that have cemented their reputations with Google. Press Releases and Newswires have evolved greatly with the Internet, and they have come to form an important aspect of long-lasting SEO performance.

The PR Campaign is built on careful research and vetting of different outlets to ensure your company is getting the appropriate exposure for itself without cutting into your in-office time. To get the most out of the PR Campaign, it’s important to have strategically valuable and relevant news packaged in a reader-friendly format. Online Campaign offers expertise in writing and PR Formatting, as well as guaranteed syndication with certain outlets, depending on your selected tier of PR Campaign.

Using the PR Campaign service is simple. 1. Submit your company information and briefly describe the market relevance of your PR news (or have Online Campaign’s industry expert writers create the piece for you), 2. Approve and purchase the level of PR Campaign you need for your marketing campaign, and 3. Check your reports from Online Campaign as your articles are picked up by media outlets.

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Online Campaign is the #1 SEO and digital marketing services program for agencies, small businesses, ecommerce and established businesses. We offer affordable solutions for link building, local SEO, PR and much more.

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